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Transfer Student Info & Forms

Rogers ISD allows students who reside outside the boundaries of Rogers ISD to apply for transfer.  Transfer applications must be done IN PERSON at the Administration Office. For students who are approved, Rogers ISD does not charge a transfer fee.  Rogers ISD considers the following criteria when determining whether to accept or deny a transfer.

  1. Do we have space in that grade level?  (Elementary grades have a student to teacher ratio maximum that is dictated by the state.  As we get closer to that maximum number, the chance that we take transfers in that grade goes down.)  While middle school and high school don’t have specific maximums in a classroom, we try to keep our class size similar to what they have been in the past.
  2. Attendance History of the student.  Student attendance is the primary factor the State of Texas uses to fund schools.  Therefore, high student attendance is always a goal for our district. Students with high absence numbers increase the likelihood of having their transfer request denied.
  3. Discipline History of the student. Rogers ISD is a good school, but we are not perfect.  We have enough of our own challenges with students, therefore we don’t really want to take on challenges from other districts when we don’t have to. If a student has a history or pattern of discipline issues.  There is a good chance they could be denied or have their transfer revoked.
  4. Overall Academic Success.  We do pay attention to the overall academic success of students applying for transfer.  We want to see their final report card from the previous year as well as their STAAR history. 
  5. Students with Special Needs. Rogers does not discriminate against students with special needs in our transfer evaluation process. However, if the needs of the child would require the district to hire additional personnel or send the child to one of our multi-district classrooms, this would be grounds for denial. Otherwise, students will be evaluated on the other criteria.

Students who are accepted are done so on a year to year basis.  However, as long as there are no major “issues” with the above mentioned criteria, these students will automatically be approved for the following year. District Approval is for the named student only and creates no right or exception that another student from the same family will be admitted as a transfer.


We consider our transfers in the following order:

  1. Children of Employees
  2. Those with siblings already in our district as transfers
  3. Applicants applying for the first time


Things we watch for:

Sometimes, when students have their transfer application denied, they try to enroll as an in-district student who “lives” with a friend or relative living within the district.  We pay particular attention to these situations. We require legal proof that the student is living with the district resident.  We also have the right to conduct a home visit to ensure the student is actually living there. We also require a meeting with the resident to explain that if we determine the student does NOT actually live with them, they could be held financially responsible for the daily cost to educate that child which is about $60/day.  It is also falsifying a document. Students who are caught using a false address to attend school in Rogers, will not be approved for transfer if they apply at a later time.